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About Us – We Buy Value Land Nationwide!

Find more about who we are and how we work.

We buy land nationwide.

We are a small business based out of Tennessee that takes pride in working with landowners to find solutions in an simple and straightforward way.  We buy land as an investment with the intent of holding it long-term.  Click here to read more about our process.

Who We Are

Landvaluebuyers is owned media s part of a reputable land buying company in Tennessee.   The company was founded to work with people who are looking to sell their land fast.  We also work with people who are looking to avoid the conventional and hassle-ridden path of standard land sales.

This business is how we make a living.


Our Core Values

These core values shape how we conduct our business:


  • Be Empathetic – Treat others as you would like to be treated. 
  • Be Straightforward – We want people to know exactly what is happening. 
  • Follow up – We don’t like to leave things hanging.
  • Provide a great Experience – We want the land selling process to be hassle free. 
  • Always Learning – if you’re not growing you’re dying.


The Lead Propeller Difference

You’re might be thinking, “what makes you different from other land buying companies out there?” We’re glad you asked…

We can pay more because our process is efficient and we work with a great network of investors.  Because of that we can hit a volume lets us pay more and puts more money in your pocket.

Many people don’t like working with companies like ours because others have given the industry a bad name.  We want to change that.  Our process is straightforward and our goal is to be more of a customer service organization than a landbuying company.  We want your experience to be seamless.

Instead of putting your land on the market and waiting weeks or even months for an interested buyer to come along, you can get a no-obligation cash offer from us within 24 hours!

We buy land fast, for cash, nationwide. Just give us a call and get an offer from a qualified buyer today.


Call us at 615-745-1017

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